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About US Harbors

US Harbors provides tide, marine weather, boating, and fishing information for over 1,400 harbors in 30 coastal states. With many users coming to the site for tide information, forecasts, data, webcams, information, and resources, it was important for US Harbors to be able to successfully reach their audience. US Harbors partnered with Digital Polygon to improve the operations of their website so that they did not have to worry about the site going down, as it had been in its previous state.


The Problem​

When US Harbors approached Digital Polygon, they were facing constant site outages requiring server upgrades weekly to keep the site operational.  This was affecting its ability to gain the trust of its expanding userbase looking to build a community around their local harbors, and ultimately impacting USHarbor's bottom line.

Screenshot of US Harbors Site showing a "find a harbor" search box
US harbors screenshot showing a map of Annapolis, MD

The Solution​

US Harbors partnered with Digital Polygon to audit, remediate, migrate and relaunch its flagship WordPress website,, on Pantheon. Understanding the significant impact to US Harbors' business, the Digital Polygon team worked quickly to complete the site remediation, migration and relaunch in just two weeks.

Since the remediation and relaunch, US Harbors has not had a single outage and the site has been able to support a 2x traffic increase currently serving ~100k unique visitors and 2.5M requests daily.

"Digital Polygon was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the initial kickoff through the site relaunch, Digital Polygon exceeded our expectations in all areas. The results are better than we could have imagined, allowing us to continue supporting our community and providing Tides, Weather, and Local Knowledge to our users.

Anastasia Fischer
President | US Harbors

Partnered for Success

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Digital Polygon Logo
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By The Numbers

2 Weeks​

From start to finish, the Digital Polygon team audited, optimized, migrated and successfully re-launched the USHarbors website in only two weeks.

0 Site Outages​

US Harbors has peace of mind, knowing that their site is stable and can scale dynamically with the Pantheon platform. 

2x Traffic Growth​

Since the performance optimization and migration to Pantheon, the site has been able to seamlessly scale to support 2x the traffic currently serving ~100k unique visitors daily.
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Let's talk about your next project
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