ReimagineWell Community

Digital Polygon helped ReimagineWell with a site migration from a legacy Drupal 6 application to Drupal 8. 

The migration connected ReimagineWell with its several dozen daughter communities, adding new dynamic media modules that can be customized for each user group.

By The Numbers

95% Authenticated Traffic

ReimagineWellCommunity is a gated support network that provides information, support and hope to people struggling with medical conditions. 95% of traffic to the website is authenticated.

Over 5000

The migration included over 5,000 user accounts and their related assets, such as blogs, tips and user relationships that made up its network. 

Over 10,000 Pages and Assets

In total, over 10,000 pages and assets were migrated from Drupal 6 to the new Drupal 8 platform, with their relationships intact. 

Mobile Response Interface

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Our Testimonials

Digital Polygon has enabled us to achieve our mission of unlocking the healing power of imagination for children and families during the toughest time of their lives. From day one, John and his team has taken on our mission as their own, helping people navigate the journey from diagnosis to wellbeing.

Roger Holzberg
Creative Director & Co-Founder of ReimagineWell