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Open source is free... so why does it cost me so much to keep my websites running?  Why am I spending so much time updating my websites and not enough time using them? How do I consolidate my various websites across technologies and vendors into a single streamlined platform? 

In this session we are going to dive into the platform conversation and provide you with the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is a platform? 
  2. Do I need a platform?
  3. How do I determine if building a platform is right for my organization?
  4. Where can I host my platform? 
  5. How do I manage my platform (and does my hosting solution impact this)? 
  6. What are the benefits (and considerations) of using a platform?

Learning Objectives:

When you walk away from this session you should understand:

  1. If you should consider a platform for your organization. 
  2. Approaches for building a platform. 
  3. Where you can host your platform and how that impacts management.
  4. Benefits I can achieve by using a platform.

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