DrupalCon Portland 2022

Working Together to #BuildItBetter

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Since our founding, open source platforms have been core to how we help clients adapt to the speed and pace of market or consumer forces. Our vision to #BuildItBetter has deep roots in the power of open source and the talented community pushing it forward. 

As we get closer to the April 2022 DrupalCon Portland, we can’t wait to: 

Leave virtual meetings at home for a few days - With the fast growth of the Digital Polygon team, this is the first time many of us will meet in person. To celebrate the opportunity to get together, the majority of our North America team will be there to support the Drupal community. 

Participating in every way possible at DrupalCon - We aren’t just financial supporters with a sponsorship. We will be discussing trending topics at our booth #109, volunteering as mentors, supporting the DrupalCon marketing team (blogs, social, etc), presenting in two sessions and advancing our community through events like the Women Drupal Luncheon sponsored by our partner, Pantheon. 

Our two speaker sessions are focused on creating a Drupal community that is staying ahead of best practices by knowing how trends will impact our teams and those we support:  

Marketing Meets Privacy: What You Need to Know  (April 28th, 11am) - Presenter: John Doyle, CEO, Digital Polygon

Privacy legislation is rapidly being signed throughout the United States. This is creating a new paradigm for web and marketing teams as they keep up with the new laws, regulations, and policies. This session will provide: 

  • Highlights of privacy laws in the U.S. over the past few years 
  • What these laws mean for web and marketing teams now and into the near future
  • Recommendations to help you stay up to date with this rapidly changing landscape

Get ready for the session by reading John’s latest blog

Government Summit: Migration Assistant - The 3 Keys to Successful Migration: Data Models, Data Mappings, and Data Migrations (April 27th, 2pm) -  Presenter: Stephanie Bridges, Technical Architect, Digital Polygon

Migrating a website can be a challenging task. In this session, we will break down the complex topic of migrations and walk you through the strategies that have helped our team members successfully migrate a multitude of sites into Drupal. These strategies are equally valid whether you are looking to upgrade your Drupal 7 site or are coming to Drupal from another CMS, or even no CMS at all. Topic to include: 

  • High level migration strategy
  • The importance of data models!!!!
  • How to map your data from A to B
  • Data migration approaches

Stop by booth #109 or contact us to schedule a meeting with our experts at DrupalCon.