Drupal 8 – Top Enterprise Content Management System

Drupal 8 provides leading commercial, government, non-profit and education brands with a Content Management System that powers their Enterprise. For years, Drupal (and Acquia) have worked their way up the Enterprise CMS quadrants to secure a seat as a Leader in the space. If you haven’t seen it, check out Dries Buytaert’s post on the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Across the globe, Enterprises are using Drupal to power their digital presences. From marketing and campaign sites to custom applications, intranets and fully customized platforms, Drupal lays the foundation for a successful for amazing digital experiences. From consumer brands like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Tesla to giant financial institutions such as Principal and Charles Schwab to government agencies like The City of London and The City of Boston, Drupal 8 powers some of the largest, most complex organizations today.

What makes Drupal different than its competitors?

Here are the top 3 reasons why Drupal 8 is a step ahead of many of it’s competitors:

  1. Community – In our opinion, Drupal’s greatest strength is its community. Being an open-source product, the barriers of entry are much smaller and the breadth of functionality that has been developed is astounding.
  2. Security – Drupal 8 has made huge leaps forward in the area of security. Unlike many open-source competitors, security is a top priority. From standard security release cycles, to a dedicated security team built from a cross-functional team across leading industry companies, Drupal 8 stands out of the crowd in terms of security.
  3. Freedom: Unlike commercial-based systems with a defined process of prioritization and a feature roadmap that you’re locked into once you sign a contract, Drupal provides organizations with Freedom. With Drupal, you can meet the needs of your ever-changing business without restrictions of large yearly contracts allowing you to pivot quickly when needed.

Looking to find out more about how to use Drupal 8 in your Enterprise? Contact us today or check out more of our Enterprise Service Offerings.

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