Drupal 8.4.x – Layout Discovery, Workflow and Media

Drupal 8.4.x was released on October 4th 2017. This release was very notable with the stable release of Layout Discovery, Media and Workflows. There were also some really useful small features such as inline form errors and datetime range released with this version of Drupal 8. With the release of Drupal 8.4.x, a new version of Panels/Panelizer was also released that provided an upgrade path to use Layout Discovery. Workflows was another big feature which marks a huge step forward in the direction of Drupal 8. Previous versions of Drupal core (6,7) were heavily focused on developers, leaving the content authoring to the community to figure out.

This release also came with a large number of other minor updates and improvements for both developers and content authors such as configuration system fixes, better error handling and improvements to the node editing forms. For a full list of updates released with the 8.4.x branch, check out the official release page here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/releases/8.4.0.

Check out our posts on other Drupal 8 Core Updates to give you an overview of the updates that are to come.

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