Digital Polygon Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Bill Annibell

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - March 1, 2021 - Digital Polygon, a digital marketing, privacy, and transformation agency, today announced the appointment of Bill Annibell as Chief Operating Officer. Annibell brings a robust background in business and digital transformation to Digital Polygon, and will focus on formalizing the agency’s operations, driving the go-to-market strategy, and supporting business development efforts.

Annibell has over 20 years of experience in business and digital transformation, spanning enterprise agile adoption, organizational change management, product strategy and management, business process (re)engineering, user and customer experience design, service design, and IT strategy and alignment. With a passion for guiding organizations in their adoption of Lean-Agile principles, Annibell has a proven track record of helping organizations succeed by applying 21st-century management philosophies to organizations still leveraging 20th-century business models.

Launched in 2018, Digital Polygon is a leader in digital marketing and transformation services with specialties in privacy and compliance and data insights.

“In 2020, we solved some of our clients’ toughest marketing and technology challenges at the tactical level,” said John Doyle, CEO and President at Digital Polygon. “With the addition of Bill, we will be able to bring a deeper level of strategy and execution to deliver considerably more value to our clients.”

“I am thrilled to join Digital Polygon and I am humbled by the opportunity to be part of such a strong and talented team,” said Annibell. “I look forward to working with our executive leadership team to drive organizational strategy, and with our delivery teams to streamline the way we deliver outstanding results for our clients by leveraging Lean-Agile principles in every facet of our business.”

About Digital Polygon

Digital Polygon is a full-service digital agency specializing in evolving digital landscapes and creating powerful marketing solutions. As a business transformation start-up, Digital Polygon partners with clients to provide high-impact solutions to their most challenging business problems. With a passion for technology, data insights, and privacy and security compliance, Digital Polygon’s commitment and transparency are the foundation of its business and building long-lasting relationships with clients.