Enterprise Drupal Architecture

Being founded by a former Acquia Senior Architect, and CTO of a Digital Agency focused on open source technology, Digital Polygon lives and breathes Drupal. Our team of experienced developers and architects  deliver game changing results for you and your organization. 

Enterprise Architecture Offerings

Discovery Workshops

Digital Polygon partners with clients to help them understand the past, the present and the future of their digital landscape. We help you and your team document high-level requirements, goals and KPI’s for your website upgrade to define what success looks like. Discovery workshops are useful to:

  • Define high-level requirements for a new system/upgrade
  • Identify integration points and customizations required
  • Define Goals/KPI’s that determine success 

Architecture Workshops

Our Architecture Workshops provide our clients with access to our best and brightest to help solve their most complex problems. We partner with our clients to outline an approach for complex integrations that takes into account your current and future requirements, scalability, performance and security. Architecture workshops are useful to:

  • Outline high-level approach to complex integrations or problems
  • Review existing approaches to validate scalability, performance and/or security
  • Plan out large upgrades or enhancements (Drupal Core Upgrades, Configuration Management)
  • Audit existing development practices, workflows and 
  • DevOps integrations to identify and recommend efficiencies.

Site Audits

Having concerns about your new site launch, or just want a second opinion to ensure your website is launch ready? Look no further. Digital Polygon partners with clients to ensure their websites are safe and secure. We tailor our audits based on our client’s needs. Here are some of the things we work with our clients on:

  • Drupal 8 Best Practices Audit
  • Performance Audits 
  • Security Audits
  • DevOps workflow audits
  • Digital Marketing Integration Audits (Forms, Analytics, Tracking Pixels, etc…)
  • Complex integration audits (Search, SSO, e-Commerce, Custom Integrations)

Additional Drupal Offerings

Drupal 8 Full Service Projects

Being a full service digital agency, we have an expert team available to transform your company into a digital powerhouse through the use of open source technology such as Drupal 8. 

Drupal 8 Staff Augmentation

Only need help getting your team through those final sprints? No problem at all. Many of our clients are organizations and agencies who need more Drupal 8 expertise to ensure success across the finish line.

Drupal 8 Architecture

One of our greatest strengths working with Drupal 8 is our vast experience in Drupal architecture. We have former Acquia architects who have worked on some of the most complex integrations for the largest brands in the world ready to support your organization. 

Let's talk about your next Enterprise Drupal project

Working with Digital Polygon doesn’t just get you a service provider; it gets you a partner. Your problems, your mission, your dreams become ours as we embark on a journey together.