Drupal 8.5.x – Media Usability, Content Moderation

Drupal 8.5.x was released on March 7th 2018. This was another big feature release. While Drupal 8.4.x setup the ground work for Layout, Workflow, and Media, Drupal 8.5.x made significant improvements to make them more available for site builders. In this upgrade, Media in core has had several usability issues resolved. In addition, Content Moderation (build atop of workflow) has been released as stable and is ready for prime time. On the experimental module front, Layout Builder was added and is in an alpha state.

This release also came with some significant improvements to already existing features. Migrate got an upgrade, BigPipe was set to be used by default and the groundwork for Drupal 8 OOTB Demo sites has been incorporated (Think WordPress template sites). If this wasn’t enough, support for PHP 7.2 was officially released and integrated into this build.  For a full list of updates released with the 8.4.x branch, check out the official release page here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/releases/8.5.0.

Check out our posts on other Drupal 8 Core Updates to give you an overview of the updates that are to come.

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