What are the top 5 benefits of Drupal 8?

One question that clients ask all the time is “What are the benefits of Drupal?”.  We wanted to take some time and walk through the top 5 benefits of Drupal 8:

The Drupal Community: Drupal is one of the largest open source projects in the world.  The Drupal community grows every year and currently has more than 1 million members providing organizations with an ever growing set of contributed functionality. The Drupal community is worldwide, so finding Drupal expertise and help is easy. Drupal 8 is object-oriented and built on Symfony components using PHP libraries, it further expands the developer base to any PHP developer, which means you no longer need a Drupal specific developer.

Security: Website security is one of Drupal 8’s most important benefits. Many organizations have been slow to adopt open-source due to concerns about security. Drupal helps reduce this fear by providing many security features built-in and offers guidance for the community to protect sites. In addition, Drupal 8 offers security best practices for writing code, generated PHP files and configuration for site builders. Drupal also has a security team in place. If someone discovers vulnerabilities, patches can be quickly released. Stable modules that have a security review also have a shield icon to differentiate them from the rest. Acquia Lightning in particular goes through additional security checks by Acquia’s security team.

Built-in Content Moderation: Drupal has built-in workflow management that can be configured with different workflow states and access permissions to allow organizations to follow proper review and approvals cycles before content is published. Drupal is constantly improving workflow capabilities and has several content initiatives that are actively being worked on for Drupal core.

Flexible Content Architecture: Drupal provides an outstanding data modeling experience that supports reusable, structured content that can be displayed in multiple view modes. Content creators have a wide range of toolkits available to them. Developers can make use of this data model by using the tools directly in Drupal, importing data from external sources, or even using an external data store to make that information available. 

Configuration Management: Drupal 8 provides out-of-the-box configuration management which enables development teams to push and sync changes across environments. This feature alone sets Drupal 8 apart from other open-source CMS technologies. 

Many companies offer development services related to Drupal but very few have the experience and depth of expertise as Digital Polygon. Being founded by a former Acquia Senior Architect, and CTO of a Digital Agency focused on open source technology, Digital Polygon lives and breathes Drupal.

Digital Polygon offers a wide array of Drupal 8 Development Services:

  • New Website Development
  • Site Migrations
  • Site Reviews & Audits
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Training & Workshops
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Staff Augmentation

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