ReimagineWell Infusionarium

Digital Polygon partnered with ReimagineWell to develop a web platform, powered by Drupal, to support its Infusionarium product offering in hospital and patient care centers nationwide.

By The Numbers

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ReimagineWell’s Infusionarium platform transforms the experience that pediatric and adolescent patients undertake while in cancer treatment.

Content Accessible Across Platforms

The platform is accessible on any internet-enabled device; from standard desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices to xBox One and smartTVs in patient rooms. The educational elements and experiences on the platform help patients navigate their journey from diagnosis to wellbeing.


Integrated into 10+ Hospitals

The ReimagineWell Infusionarium platform is being utilized by patients in more than 10 hospitals and support centers across the US.

Mobile Response Interface

Reimagining the Experience

Our immersive healing library is shared between all of our partners and can be accessed via tablets or phones, VR headsets or TV screens. The library includes:

  • Pediatric and Adolescent requested “immersive healing experiences”, directed by local patient vision teams nationwide
  • Live Events (virtual field trips) tailored to themes that the local vision teams select

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Our Testimonials

Digital Polygon has enabled us to achieve our mission of unlocking the healing power of imagination for children and families during the toughest time of their lives. From day one, John and his team has taken on our mission as their own, helping people navigate the journey from diagnosis to wellbeing.

Roger Holzberg
Creative Director & Co-Founder of ReimagineWell