Workshop Experience at Digital Summit DC 2019

Digital Summit DC glowing sign.

The workshops at Digital Summit are 4-hour long events where speakers have a chance to teach in comprehensive details on a large topic. The workshops from this year were broken down into three separate sections. Here are the three workshops that were offered this year:

  1. How to Create Irresistible Content Marketing
  2. Advanced SEO Tactics for 2019
  3. Forget Everything You Know About Email Marketing

This was a good opportunity for people to hear from individuals in the emerging fields of digital marketing and technology to discuss anything varying from new concepts to comprehensive lessons on broad topics.

Because of my keen interest in SEO, I attended the Advanced SEO Tactics for 2019 workshop, by Janet Driscoll Miller. The workshop was a comprehensive lesson covering SEO fundamentals, which lead into more detail with specific advanced strategies. Throughout the whole workshop, people were encouraged to participate and even stop the discussion to ask questions and elaborate.

Overall, this was an encouraging and positive learning environment. I was able to benefit from attending as it really validated several concepts behind SEO both technical and non-technical. Workshops are a really good way for beginners and veterans to get involved and learn more from each other. I would highly recommend to anyone in the future to attend!

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