Top SEO Techniques: Keyword Clustering

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SEO is a constantly evolving game and companies need to constantly evolve to stay in front of it. Recent advanced in SEO over the last few years have enabled Google to better understand the intent behind a search query and return a list of sites/results that produce the most credible result.

Today we are going to cover one of the top SEO techniques in the market known as Keyword Clustering. If you have never heard of keyword clustering before, it starting with a high value keyword/topic and building content around it. The concept consists of two types of pages:

Pillar Page - The pillar page is the centralized topic page. This page is usually a long-form page with rich content about your central topic.

Cluster Page - A subtopic page related to your pillar page. These pages link back to the main pillar page as well as other cluster pages to create a web of content around your centralized pillar.

The idea behind this top SEO technique is that by building up several pages around a centralized topic or theme, you build up a more reliable user experience/content library.  Rather than just intercepting keyword searches, topic clusters drive understanding by better answering the questions that users are asking. The result is that your content gets the exposure you desire and wins you loyalty too.

HubSpot created a great example of a Keyword Cluster that does a great job of explaining the concept. Check it out here.

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