REMINDER: Drupal 8 Support Ends on November 2nd 2021


On June 29th 2021, announced that Drupal 8.x will no longer receive security updates and bug fixes on Tuesday November 2nd 2021. On August 6th 2021, Acquia announced that it will also end support of Drupal 8 on November 2nd 2021.

If you have a fairly simple website and have been staying up to date with your Drupal 8 version upgrades, you likely have little to worry about here since Drupal 9.x is a minor upgrade from the latest version of the latest Drupal 8.x release. If your site is more complex, and you have a large number of contributed and custom modules, the sooner you start planning for this upgrade the better.

What Support Will be Offered for Drupal 8 After November 2 2021?

After November 2nd 2021, the Drupal community will no longer release new projects, bug fixes, or documentation for Drupal 8 creating a significant amount of risk for anyone that has not upgraded. Most important of all, the security team will not provide Security Advisories for Drupal 8 after November 2nd 2021 and you should consider any application running Drupal 8 insecure after this date.

Why is There No Support for Drupal 8 after November 2nd 2021?

The Drupal 8 end of life is being driven by underlying Symfony dependencies which become deprecated in November 2021. While standardization on top of this framework (A great choice in our opinion!) enabled wider adoption and improved logical architecture of Drupal 8 it also added dependencies that need to be managed. Many hosting providers, such as Acquia, have already announced their end of support of Drupal 8 on November 2nd, 2021 because of this dependency. They are unable to guarantee customer security for unsupported PHP frameworks and packages which are the foundation of Drupal 8.

Does this Mean my Site Will Be Taken Down on November 2nd 2021 if I on Still on Drupal 8?

It is unlikely that your application will be taken down immediately on November 2nd 2021, but you should not wait to find out. The longer you wait, the higher your risk of site outages due to hosting providers removing dependencies that are required by your application.

Our team has completed over 30 Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 migrations to date and has the experience you need to upgrade or migrate your website. If you haven’t started your upgrade, or you are currently behind and need some support, we highly recommend that you reach out for a Free Consultation today.

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