Inbound 2023: Highlights from HubSpot's Marketing Conference

Erica Perlman
Erica Perlman
Product Strategist
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Last week I had the opportunity to attend Inbound 2023, HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales conference in Boston, Massachusetts. The event was incredible! The conference offered endless learning opportunities and allowed attendees to easily connect with fellow conference-goers. Check out my top 5 highlights from Inbound 2023!

1. Attendance and Sponsors

HubSpot welcomed 11,000 in-person attendees to Inbound 2023, allowing marketing and sales professionals from around the world to learn from and alongside one another. Attendees spanned a wide range of industries, fostering dialogue around the unique challenges various organizations face and enabling peers to provide their own insights and recommendations for tackling them.

Inbound 2023 also boasted an impressive group of sponsors including GoogleLinkedInWistiaSurveyMonkeyTikTok, and 77 others. Attendees had access to sponsor booths to see demos and learn about products and services available to help with any organizational sales or marketing pain points.

hubspot conference floor

2. Networking Opportunities

After arriving at Inbound 2023 and completing registration, each attendee received a SmartBadge. Badges allowed for simple “badge-to-badge” contact exchanges. Contacts were automatically synced to the Inbound app, allowing attendees to easily meet and share contact information with one another. No business cards required!

From designated “Networking Meetup” events to mid-session breakout groups, Inbound 2023 offered endless opportunities to connect with other marketing professionals.

3. Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Sessions offered Inbound attendees the opportunity to hear from an impressive roster of entrepreneurs and thought leaders including Reese Witherspoon, Derek Jeter, and Andrew Huberman. Spotlight interviews focused on inspirational anecdotes and advice for excelling in personal and professional endeavors. 

hubspot conference stage

4. Deep Dive Sessions

Deep Dive Sessions allowed attendees to really dig into specific areas of interest. Need help with your go to market strategy? There’s a deep dive session for that! Want to know how to create effective ads on TikTok? There's a deep dive session for that too! With 33 deep dive sessions to choose from, Inbound offered a wide array of smaller, more intimate workshops. With a limited number of participants in each Deep Dive Session, attendees were able to ask questions and workshop in a classroom setting.

5. Inbound After hours

After two full days of educational sessions and meetups, it was time for a little bit of entertainment! After a motivational Spotlight Session with Andrew Huberman, attendees were invited to mingle while enjoying happy hour drinks and snacks. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow team members and to continue networking with other attendees. To close out day 2 of Inbound, attendees enjoyed a night of comedy with John Mulaney - a huge conference highlight!

Overall, HubSpot’s Inbound 2023 conference was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for next year!

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