Drupal Association At-Large Board Seat Elections 2022

Voting Begins September 21st 2022

James Goss
Sales & Marketing Specialist
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On September 21st, The Drupal Association will be holding the 2022 at-large board seat election to welcome the newest member to their board of directors. Digital Polygon is proud to announce that our CEO John Doyle has been nominated for the upcoming board seat for the next two years! We are very excited at the opportunity to #GiveBack to a community that has given us so much and John is looking forward to the chance to serve.

What is the Drupal Association? 

The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that fosters and supports the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. Supported by both individual members and organizations, the Association uses its resources, network and funds to constantly engage in new projects and initiatives to help educate people about Drupal and encourage support of the growth of the Drupal project.  - Drupal.org

The Drupal Association is the driving force behind maintaining the infrastructure and support system for the Drupal platform and allowing the community to thrive around the open source platform.

What is the role of a board member? 

The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the effective governance of fiscally sound programs as well as the strategic direction of the organization. The Board is governed by a set of by-laws and each member also commits to adhere to the Board Member Agreement which outlines expectations and responsibilities of the role. Board Members donate their time, talent, and treasure to help the Association meet our mission and also serve as enthusiastic advocates for the Association and the Drupal project itself. Board terms begin on 1 November each year. - Drupal.org

We love Drupal for a variety of reasons; but it can be summed up by having a look at the values statement from the Drupal Association and comparing them to how they align with our own values as an organization.

  • COMMUNICATION: We value communication. We seek community participation. We are open and transparent.
  • RESPECT: We respect and value inclusivity in our global community and strive to recognize, understand, and respond to its needs.
  • ACTION: We act decisively and proactively, embracing what we learn from both our successes and our mistakes.
  • FUN: We create environments that embrace humor resulting in fun, positive, supportive and safe interactions.
  • TEAMWORK: We add value to the Drupal community by helping each other solve problems to create quality human and digital experiences.


As an employee here at Digital Polygon, I see the above qualities embodied by our team on a daily basis and it brings me joy to be working within such a wonderful community based organization who not only innovates in the present, but looks forward to the future and all the possibilities it holds. 

Who is in the running for the next board member seat? 

The candidates for the 2022 at-large board seat are exceptional. No matter who wins, we are excited for the impact this years board member will be able to make for the community and the future of Drupal. We encourage you to get to know each candidate and find out more information about them and their journey.

  1. Adam Bergstein
  2. Mark Dorison
  3. John Doyle
  4. Nikki Flores
  5. Esaya Jokonya
  6. Bhavin Joshi

On behalf of Digital Polygon, we would like to wish all candidates the best of luck. We know that with such a dedicated and strong roster, Drupal and the community cannot lose. 

If your interested in casting a ballot for the next board member, you can find out more information here!