Drupal 8.6.x – Media Enhancements, Quickstart and Workspaces

Drupal 8.6.x was released on September 5th 2018 and is likely the most exciting release yet and truly backs up the content author UI/UX improvement strategy that was promised with Drupal 8. In Drupal 8.6.x, the Media UI/UX was improved further from the 8.5 release that finally made it usable. The media entity browser available in the WYSIWYG is a good example of the improvements here. The new Quickstart feature provided with Drupal 8.6 lets you easily install a fully functional Drupal 8.6 install on your local environment. This feature will be great for newcomers to Drupal 8 and people looking to give it a test drive.

On the experimental side, Workspaces is probably the most exciting feature that was released with 8.6. Workspaces aims to give content editors a staging site or more specifically, the ability to build out, or update entire sections of their websites and publish them as a single unit. This is possible due to the significant amount of time and effort that has gone into the revisioning system in workflow and content moderation in the previous releases.

This release also came with a large number of other minor updates and improvements for both developers and content authors such as configuration system fixes, better error handling and improvements to the node editing forms. For a full list of updates released with the 8.6.x branch, check out the official release page here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/releases/8.6.0.

Check out our posts on other Drupal 8 Core Updates to give you an overview of the updates that are to come.

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